A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 28, 2012

My sister rediscovers Pet Shop Boys

My sister has become a music fanatic ever since she became an avid spinner at Flywheel. She is constantly chatting about music on bbm and now certain songs remind me only of her.

This has occurred to a certain extent because I have given way to top 40 charts and we now both love Kate Perry and Wiz Khalifa and Lilly Allen. I must give her credit for discovering Cold Play before me. Yet when I received a blackberry message informing me that she was listening to Pet Shop Boys, I was impressed. In the past, she chose to skip their New York City Boy tour in New York, in a small venue, in the company of my other two siblings. Thus, I thought: "wow, her musical dispositions have changed."

She sent me the lyrics and I decided to share the moment with her and listen to the song on my ipod. "An ipod moment? She inquired. You love it, right?" She knows more than anyone that Pet Shop Boys is a family thing that hails from our beloved Dai Rahim, who passed on his love for pop music. My older brother appreciates them as much as I do, if not more.

I recently attended a dinner where the artsy-hosts played Pet Shop Boys ALL NIGHT. Not the song Domino dancing that hums "All night all night let them all fall down", but I mean the hosts shuffled all their songs all night long. I couldn't believe anyone else loved the Pet Shop Boys as much as I did!

"Can you forgive her?" is the song my sister selected. I listen to it as I type my impressions. Certainly not my first impressions. I must have heard it hundreds of times as I grew up, as I fell in and out of love, as I looked for myself, learned my lessons, made my mistakes. I must keep it on my ears because its effect is very ephemeral. Its pop-magic lasts as long as the song.

Its disco beat, very avant guard for its day, still rings contemporary nowadays. The lyrics are sung in a distinct British accent and are continuous, non-interrupted, without him taking a breath of air.....
Beyond the constant question of its title: "can you forgive her?" is the story. My heart quivers: "another night, with open eyes, too late to sleep, to soon to rise, you're short of breath, is it a heart attack, you're hot and feverish....you're in love!" Pet Shop Boys sings a fait accompli!

....and the rythm
is catchy and it takes my heart on a quick ride!


  1. Funny, I was discussing late last night with my love the meaning of "Being Boring" without knowning that PTB would blog about PSB the next day. As you grow older and reflects on life, the lyrics in the song take on an additional significance. Enjoy!


  2. PSB is a family relic.I even have a DVD forgotten in my 11 yrs old car.i listen to it with affection whenever I use that car.

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