A pink taxi

A pink taxi

January 21, 2012

Creative Juices

"Mom by profession, blogger by night, and athlete by heart... U in a sentence" (BBM from my brother)

J.K. Rowling, the prolific writer of Harry Potter, was a housewife when she first began to write. I use the past tense because I don't imagine she remained a housewife after that. She became a best seller novelist and traveled the world....and she worked: she wrote.

The same can be said of Stephenie Meyer, the prolific writer of Twilight. How could a Mormon married woman, with an expected "conservative" view on things imagine a beautiful life of vampires?

I believe these women, the Bronte sisters of our times, broke the shackles of convention, where motherhood consists of moving away from the "me" and only dealing with the daily routine of rearing and materning, to create!

People ask me when I find time to write. They also ask me what I do with my time. Do I work? At the beginning of this blog, I used to "fit the writing" in. Now, I actually admit:

I have to find the time to write.

I read less. I nap less. But I live more.

I always remind myself. Don't write your blog. Live it. Go out there, observe. Try something new. Allow your feelings and emotions to prosper. Listen to people. Take up a new activity. Add on another. Sharpen your skill. Live your life.

I will not be presumptuous. I am neither a writer nor am I an artist. But I have encountered writers and artists. I have observed them. I have imagined the lives of writers I have not met: Rushdie, Franzen and Pamuk.  I have thought of how they extract the "creative juices". How do they get inspired? How does the urge arise? When do they write? When do they find the time?

If I had a studio and paints and canvases, if I had the talent to paint and draw and sculpt, people wouldn't ask me when I found the time and what work I did. Somehow blogging still remains in the category of "pass time". My children don't think so. They tell everyone that their mom is a blogger. That is her work.

If I had a studio and paints and canvases, I would have to let loose and relax and enjoy life and live it and experience it, as do the most talented artists I know.

Therefore people should not be bewildered by the "new" me and claim its a mid-life crisis. I am just looking for inspiration.

Living my blog.

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  1. Our PT blogger has become an MBA abbreviation according to her bro and children.I say she is the Free Spirit who came out of her cocoon and is weaving moments of life that she couldnot but make time to capture those moments like the artist,photographer,sculptor and novelist.