A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 5, 2011

Tutoring Triplets

When they were born, I visited them in their incubators at the hospital. Like a fairy godmother, I promised my cousin to tutor them....in two years. Those two years passed so quickly, especially considering they are three girls and keep their parents very busy.

The babies grew in a house of hospitality and feast. They slept to the sound of their parents hosting, night after night. No white noise to trick them, just the boisterous festivities below. I visited them frequently, with my children, always impressed that three girls, born the same day, with 2 syllable names ( Ava, Vida, Tara) can be very different in looks, size and personality,

These girls are born to Iranian parents but their father has a French nationality and his linguistic skills have only endeared him more to us, adding another thing we have in common (he is a great fan of Roger Federer and follows World Cup Soccer too!). I therefore promised to teach the girls French, considering they will attend a French lycee later.

I purchased the famous "passport" books which is the classical approach to additional home tutoring in France. They are in Toute Petite Section, which is a very formal pre-kindergarten with the demanded skills in pre-handwriting and vocabulary and early mathematics.

I know as a fact that every 2 year old has an attention span of 20 minutes maximum. I bring my own magic markers, fat and colourful for their little fists and the book is full of stickers. I like to take them one by one, because I excel in private tutoring. However, the sisters want to sit together and it eventually becomes a classroom method instead, as I talk to them simultaneously.

Every weekly session consists of a page and a half, each page contains 2 new words. How we laughed at the word "confiture" meaning "jam". Who wouldn't call it a simple "jam"? We also practised the essential pronounciation of "croissant", a la francaise.

I am enjoying every moment of bonding and I hope the tutorials will last a dozen years.


  1. I love the blog even though you omitted to mention the mother! The mother who fuels your caffeine induced tutorials with a double nespresso and milk! God knows you need some type of high when dealing with these three girls! We look forward to every Saturday because I can learn along side my children and eventually maybe I can finally master a language that has long eluded me. Thanks Pink Taxi for your tutorials and please rest assured that when they actually start school they will be coming to your house every single day for tutorials.

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