A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 27, 2011


I was going to get my monotonous coffee, write a monotonous blog, run a monotonous circuit training...when I got intercepted by a school geology excursion that kidnapped me without ado to Jebel Faiyeh?????????? "On n'en finit pas!" (It's never ending) remarked a friend that I informed.

This is how it happened. The phone rang from school. I picked it up with haste, I had just dropped my broad minutes ago. My 8th grader asked me to u turn....and I returned to school with a fait accompli. "Get into the bus!!!!" It is called emotional black mailing: "the other mother cancelled. We can't go without another adult. We would have to cancel the trip altogether." Puppy eyes. In French its called Chantage!

This is no Canvas magazine 5 star led school trip. It isn't the great opportunity to visit a Saadiyat Mesopotamia show with an Art History teacher either. This is all the geology classes I had bypassed, levitating in dream land whenever I took a high school class. Here I was holding an 11 page science syllubus and force fed geology! My brother bbmed me live: "Wait, u went today to the geological search for the ruins of the Pirates of Persia?" It was more like a scene from the film 148 hours!

I was all clad in lulu lemon thinking I was going to the gym! Wearing Nike sneakers luckily. I called the trainer who remained in disbelief. I had never cancelled last minute but "being kidnapped into the desert" was an excuse he had never heard before.

This was a very appropriate trip at the eve of the 40th National Day of the UAE. I always recommend that we leave our cities, go to the heartland, the desert, mountains and distant beaches of the UAE. It may have been a forced trip but I love nature and am happy to discover it. In this case, in much geological details.

And then I fell asleep on the bus all the way back....I had been kidnapped BEFORE the coffee. This blog was reported LIVE. My attention span for the geology lecture lasted 5 minutes.

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  1. The blogger's favorite read at one time was "Cities of Salt" for Munif,a Saudi rebel writer.As a matter of fact,I was with the blogger when she visited Jeddah and met with the writer,while preparing her dissertation.
    This desert trip was a a far cry from today's "Cities of Glass",reminding the new generation that the desert and its hidden underground treasures(a geological find),is the reason to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Nation.