A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 30, 2011

Make Up Queen

The first time I had a make over was the day the first Charlies Angele's cousin got married. The red head bride didn't come to the mall. It was the brunette and the blond (me) and my sister (who was still in her teens). The brunette was in charge. She took us to MAC. She convinced me to buy my first make up brushes that day. Eye shadow brushes I still own today, some 17 years later.

It is fun to go to the department store, choose your favorite make up brand and ask a professional, or at best a sales-lady to apply make up, especially if you are off to a do. A few days ago, I went to Dubai Mall MAC counter and asked a make up artist to draw some cat eye style around my eyes and some crimson lipstick. It was my brunette cousin, one of the Charlie's Angeles who recommended the foundation.

When I buy make up, I usually hire her expertise and she comes with me. I remember when Burjuman mall, SaksFifthAvenue was still the in thing to do in Dubai. We went to Nars and she bought me a blush called Orgasm! Then we went to Harvey Nickols and bought from the Armani line. She is the cousin who understands me if I stray towards the TomFord counter and buy lipstick instead of going to the monotonous Carrefour food shopping.

I used to be a no-make up girl. Make up was for festive occasions only. I had a rule never to dress my eyes and lips at the same time on any given day. I thought make up was pretentious and that it was even bad for the skin. But a dermatologist told me that make up is actually protective from the sun. At age 41, I have my daily make up ready next to my toothbrush every morning. Even if my day is about Starbucks, golf and pilates.

Somehow red lipstick is mood enhancing. It looks cool in blackberry self portraits (lol) and the Lancome waterproof kohl really works. It doesn't smudge if you cry over a Gotye song!

Confidence in wearing make up comes from one person: the birthday girl, my lovely cousin!


  1. Black nail polish for men is cool!

  2. "What planet do you come from?",is the repetitive question the birthday girl usually asks her oblivious blogger cousin.That question is not limited to make up,but also encompasses the way of life,and attitude towards certain issues and principles.Yet do remember:a family is like an orchard,with different fruit trees and tastes.That is what makes this family tree with many branches,so iteresting.