A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 26, 2011

The Mother of All Battles

I am satiated. I had the mother of all parties, in analogy to recent history's "the mother of all battles".

Who ever said mid-life was a crisis? It is a celebration! I can describe it as a renewal of energy, a search for self fulfillment and a realization that life is too short to be taken all that seriously: let loose, give in to instinct and live by your own philosophy. If you don't at 40, when will you be fit enough to do so?

With this in mind, and because the friend who gifted me a pink ipod replete with cool tunes, offered in hospitable friendship, a beautiful venue for me to celebrate my 41th year: a spatious veranda overlooking DIFC and royal Zabeel, we threw a party for my 41th birthday.

Statement I had to make so I wore a leopard Versace skirt, from my Club Nicole nights in Boston. A skirt so vintage it dates from the late Gianni himself. To accessorize, I went for color uncoordinated turquoise blue nailpolish, stilt heals before the dancing and a henna tatoo down my left arm.

In sending pictures of the calligraphy of Beyrouth in Arabic in henna I got a few remarks: you gotta add Tehran to the other arm, or you are phony! And to top it, my brother in law in NewYork emailed, as he was reassured: "Ok. If this is your mid life crisis this isn't so bad ;)". Why does he think its a mid-life crisis?

Finger licking Indian buffet and DJ Jean in the house set the tone, but the party's energy came from my friends and family. My eldest son can attest, we had a blast!

I may have the renewed energy of a twenty year old, the romantic outlook of a twelve year old, but I know I have had more fun than anyone and that I it is now enough of celebrating me!


  1. I guess women have their mid-life crisis at 40,and then some repent when they become grandmothers.Those who donot,opt for surgeries that make them look petrified.
    On the otherhand men have their repetitive mini crisis after the age of 21,and keep on renewing tyem in some instances even when they become great grandfathers.
    I hit my first crisis at the age 50,when I painfully realized that half a century is a long time,even in the lifetime of nations.Look at the Arab Spring that is transformed into a Cold Winter,with the 40 year old despots still clinging fiercely to powere.
    I had a red sport car in my late teens,a tool I successfully used to win my lifetime wife.In my 50s,I renewed my vows by getting another two seater sport car(this time a silver one to go with my hair color) that I named this time after the famous model Giselle.
    Decent men treat middle age crisis quite differently,they live back their teens buying toys that make them feel good again.