A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 22, 2011

Guys' Talk

I have always had guy friends. In graduate school, as an after-shock reaction to three years spent in a women's college, my only friends were guys.

I grew up as a tom boy, loved karate and hated ballet. In boarding school, I hung out with the coolest guys. These things matter in high school!

In the family context, I was very close to my father, grandfather, my two brothers, my two male cousins, my uncles. I got teased, bullied, climbed mountains.

I love tennis, soccer and golf. I adopt champions and defend teams with passion. Girl friends don't want to hear any of this!

Things have changed since I have married. I now have made very good girlfriends, have intensified my relationship with my sister, have made a deliberate effort to become more feminine in my role as a mother.

But there always be a few buddies, my cousins, my uncles I can relate to, to do some guy talking. And always, my sons, my brothers and especially my husband!

Guys are so cool!