A pink taxi

A pink taxi

August 23, 2011

A Ramadan GuestBlogger

الحصان مريض وقال الطبيب البيطري للمزارع : إذا لم يتعافى في ثلاثة أيام ، يجب قتله.
الخروف سمع كل شيء ،قال للحصان انهض!!
لكن الحصان متعب جدا.
في اليوم الثاني قال له انهض بسرعة ! لكن الحصان لايقدر أبدا .
في اليوم الثالث قال الخروف : إنهض و إلا سيقتلونك، الحصان ينهض أخيرا.. وقال المزارع وهو سعيد جدا : يجب أن نحتفل بهذا !! إذبحوا الخروف

العبرة :

خليگ في حالگ. وأنتا مالك

Vet told the farmer your horse is sick. If he doesn't get better in three days you'll have to kill it.
The sheep heard this.

So he told the horse get up. But the horse was too tired.
Second day he told the horse get up quick. Still the horse couldn't get up. 
The third day the sheep went to the horse and told him get up or they will kill you. The horse got up.
The farmer was so happy he said we'll celebrate, prepare the sheep.

Moral of the story: mind your own business.


  1. I wondered what to expect from this fable.I read it twice in both versions.It makes you think because it reminded me of tha Arab saying: if you meddle in what is not your business,you will hear what you will not like.

  2. Unfortunately, the sheep only had the best intentions. I am not sure I like this fable's moral or what it may teach our children and us. It is pushing for us to be selfish and not bring others up, lest it bring us down. I am of the belief that helping others when they are down, and saving them from harm, is the best thing one can do for ourselves. Minding one's own business while witnessing others suffering, is utter selfishness and only yields wickedness.

    I know the reality of life is often like this fable, but I cannot say I liked the moral of it.....