A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 16, 2011

Summer Resolutions

The first summer resolution would be to take it easy. But the summer is two months long and resolutions are not always tough ones. Here are a few.

To watch every available artsy movie. Not to miss 8pm French news. To make it to the Premiere of the last Harry Potter because my son read all 8 volumes. To keep an eye open for cultural events: concerts, ballets and operas, even though they slow down in the summer months.

To take train rides to see Monet in Martigny, to see a large collector's Impressionists in Lausanne, to see the Richard Serra exhibit in Basel. To take a train ride to Zermatt to view the Matterhorn (how can you become Swiss and not have seen the most famous mountain peak?)

To swim in the Olympic size pool by the lake as often as possible. To rent the free bike as frequently as possible. To keep up on foot while the kids skid on their razor blades.
To watch my eldest progress in sailing, after 5 full weeks.

To eat more berries and cherries and less ice cream and croissants. To keep to two cups of coffee a day maximum.

To go to every park, the further the better. To go to the Museum of Natural History on rainy days and try to retain something non-artistic.

To borrow the maximum amount of children's books from the public libraries and to choose many new themes. Next week we will look at African Stories for one child and Ambulances for another.

To read as many French classics as I can. To splurge on all the Orhan Pamuk novels in one go. To read Yacoubian Building, by Alaa Aswany because my father assigned it to me with love.

To review mathematical fundamentals with the eldest and practice Toeffel vocabulary words with him. To keep practicing reading and maths with the 3rd grader. To keep practicing handwriting and counting with the 1st grader.

And when we arrive in France for two weeks, to abandon all these resolutions and call it a real vacation. Well, there would be an important resolution: to bond with family members we don't see except for every 6 months.

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  1. People look at fun from different angles.Only the last two weeks seem to be the real summer vacation,the rest is slow torture from the tiger mom.Yet those kids get a meaningful exposure to studies,art and parks.How lucky these kids are to have a Mary Poppins as a mom,awaiting the passage of her King and I,to sing Sound of Music for them in the meadows and mountains of Switzerland.