A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 8, 2011

Moby in Dubai by Guest Blogger

What does one do when Dubai empties out for the summer? What's the best remedy for a terrible Monday at the office? How do you celebrate the 4th of July? You go to a Moby concert. That's what you do. The revered American music producer, singer-songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, all round genius, landed in Dubai as part of his Destroyed World Tour. Having bought my seated ticket a few days back, I headed alone to the World Trade Center venue looking forward to a night of music appreciation. 

People find it weird to go to a rock/electronica concert alone so why don't they find it strange to go to a classical music concert solo? Music is meant to be appreciated. God damn it! Ian Curtis of Joy Division once taught his wife "if you put music on, you sit down and listen to it. You don't get up and do your laundry. You listen to it." With that ethos in mind, I took my seat in the near full capacity venue. Moby didn't disappoint with his full live band. Other than the drummer, his musicians were all female. And did they play! The guitar, bass, drums, violin, synth, and soul vocals all blended together creating a beautiful medley of sounds which enthralled the audience in a dreamlike state. Moby powered through his opus Play album before delighting the fans with new singles from his new album. I leave you with the official
video from his latest single "The Day." Enjoy because music matters.


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  1. We don't have access to YouTube so we did it the old fashioned way. We stepped in the record store and listened to Moby with the headset.
    I walked in with my youngest, the most musically inclined. I had just ingested a strong cup of coffee and was enjoying the high. Put the headset on and listened.
    It was pure music. Harmonious in its perfection. As if I knew it. It sounded familiar. Moby produces excellence and what he has done in his new record is just more excellence, more of the same. Like Mozart or Schubert ot Bach. He has a genre, he has a signature and he writes more and more of it.
    I did want to dance listening to it because the music pulled me to a zone.
    I am glad I saw him in concert, almost ten years ago, in Geneva. I realized then that his music was eclectic but was I realized today was that he is constant. Like the big artist that he is, he has attained his own distinct language and sound.
    I recently read some criticism about Cold Play's new songs, that they sounded too much like his previous ones. I don't think there is anything wrong in that. Unlike Madonna that has to constantly redefine herself, these musicians are classic.
    I am glad that the guest blogger ended with one note: Music Matters. My youngest uncle and him have taught me to adhere to that motto. I just coined what they have expressed all along.PTB