A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 24, 2011

La Tortue et le Scorpion

Une tortue revessant au bord d'un ruisseau
Rencontre un scorpion qui desire traverser les eaux

Le scorpion lui fait serment
De ne point le piquer pour le moment

"Si je vous piquais
Avec vous je me noierais"

La tortue accepte alors sans crainte
Avec le scorpion sur le dos, elle nagea sans plainte

Mais le scorpion la pique a mi-chemin
Mourante, la torue regrette le lendemain

Le scorpion s'excuse: "je suis trop puissant
Pour demeurer innocent

Aussi je vais mourir noye
Comme l'abeille, piquer est ma destinee"

Il faut savoir que personne n'echappe aux regles de la nature

AbuTorab De laFontaine


  1. Bravo Abu Torab de La Fontaine Arghandiwal! you have learnt at a very young age that most people would rather cut their noise to spite their face. The fable of the tortoise and the scorpion is a valuable lesson to the dictators of the Arab world who would rather see their nations perish rather then give up power.

  2. This is a feable taken from "Kalila wa Dumna" of Ibn AlMuqfa'.
    How true it is in the real life with human interaction especially in
    the business world.So many cases of arriviste who will do anything to reach,but will only get satisfaction when they harm the people who helped them.There are Arabic sayings:don't bite the hand that fed you,or better don't drink from a well and then block it with rocks.