A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 7, 2011

Summer 2000

Summer 2000 began with a Ph.d graduation at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Medford, Massachusetts. I received my diploma: 5 years worth of work. But my task seemed incomplete. I was 35 weeks pregnant. I had 5 weeks left before I delivered my first baby.

That summer I volunteered to be a guidance to my youngest brother by tutoring him while he took summer school. He came from Villanova University, Philadelphia to Tufts University. He enrolled in Economics which I had no knowledge of and Philosophy, which I pretended to know. I had told my parents: "when will we ever get this chance again?"

Indeed, I was married but my husband was working in Geneva. I was due to deliver in Boston, a month after my graduation. My youngest brother and I, born 11 years apart, had not lived under the same roof for over 15 years.

Don't be mistaken: he took care of me! He did study. We did argue over philosophy. I also made him swim laps daily as it was my pregnancy fitness routine.

But we spent most of the time enjoying Boston at its best: in June! He was overprotective, chauffering me, while I sat in the back of the car. "Who puts a baby in the front seat?" he would say referring to my pregnancy.

He was already an excellent cook by then. I blame him for the extra pounds. I thank him for introducing me to Indian cuisine. We bought a Madhuri Jaffrey cookbook that I still use till this day.

Incidently, the baby was due July 4th, 4 days before my brother turned 19. My son was born two days after the birthday, thus skipping the chance to become his namesake (I had made a promise if it coincided). My brother, who drove me, my mom and husband to hospital, and attended the birth, became an uncle for the first time. Uncle and nephew may not share the same name but as astrology wants it, they share the same caring and kind character. And time has shown that they share many same interests!

My brother is 30 today. He is married to his childhood sweetheart and they have two wonderful boys. How time flies!


  1. What a wonderful summer we had! Thank you for your beautiful post and kind words... Time flies and the BIG 3-0 has already caught up but I am thankful for having such a beautiful family, two beautiful boys and a gorgeous wife. I have caring and loving parents, the best parents one could ever wish for, amazing siblings who are always there for me and with whom I have spent 30 fun and marvelous years with.
    The bloggeuse is an inspiration for all, she might be crazy busy taking care of her own kids, doing pilates and scuba diving, but she always finds time for everyone else... including her "little" bro...

  2. Happy Birthday bro! Time flies! It feels like only yesterday we were flatmates at Rosemont. But what happens in Phily stays in Phily! Is it a coincidence that Phily is called the City of Brotherly Love? What great 30 years!

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