A pink taxi

A pink taxi

July 17, 2011

Hotel Memorabilia

Who hasn't "stolen" a souvenir from a hotel?

I have walked into a  specialized boutique on Newberry Street in Boston that sells hotel memorabilia from the whole world. You can find plates from the Titanic there. I am not sure how authentic they are! But I remember noticing that the Grand Hotel in Isphahan, Iran, still had its Sevres plates, a testimony of Imperial days.

We all believe that hotels take into consideration the random "pickpockets" like myself and include it in the price of the room. We therefore hoard their travel size luxury soaps and shampoos, their mini sewing kits and shower caps. My grandmother and my mom always use their stationary, when back home. I have more Four Season's pencils than I can count, pocketing them in the lobbies where I sometimes go for dinner.

Many hotels warn you that they will charge you for the stolen bathrobe, so I actually asked the owner of Phoenecia Hotel in Beyrouth, a dear family friend, if I could "steal" mine free of charge.

Also the ashtray from Villa d'Este (Lake Cuomo) that hosts my coins today is a precious relic of a mini honeymoon with my husband.

On this rainy day, I exchanged the brown umbrella from my forgetful husband as we parted ways for an hour. "What is so special about the brown umbrella?" he asked. "I don't want you to forget it, I said. It is from Grand Hotel Napoli." We had spent 1 day there, on our way to Capri. I don't think I will ever go back to Naples again. It is an abandoned ghost industrial city. Staying at its nicest hotel was like a trip through time. The umbrella reminds me of the view of the bay, and the distant Vesuvio volcano.

An umbrella I refused to surrender when we checked out.



  1. I'm guilty as charged. I'm meticulous in choosing the hotels I stay at. A lot of research goes into finding the perfect hotel for the holidays. Therefore, I love hotel souvenirs. I always feel compelled to take away a little piece with me before I check out. Years later, I fondly remember my stay at that particular hotel.

  2. Little the cliptos know that hotels have CCTV cameras everywhere,and electronic machines that femme de chamber carry to account for missing items.Of course our infamous DSK crossed all boundaries at Sofitel NY,and charged at the poor f d'c ,believing that he would get away with his seduction one more time!

  3. I love taking the products from hotel rooms, and I save them for when I return home. I place them in guest bathrooms (when I still had a guest bathroom), or we use them in our own shower, and remember the pampering we received during our stay.

    The right hotels offer nice bathtowels, bathrobes and products. I get so annoyed when there isn't conditioner in the shower!