A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 30, 2011


THREE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE! I type it in bold capital letters. It was my goal, it was my motivator. My way of celebrating this anniversary:  I have written one year's worth of postings.


I have written about fitness, coffee, bikram yoga, memories, relatives, artists, movies, food shopping, music, art events, pilates, children, birthdays, books, sporting events, concerts, anecdotes, driving, Dubai, Geneva, golf, opera, poems, open letters, languages, schools, trees, bridges, Madonna, politics, art projects, trips and even about blogging.

Many have supported me by telling me they read me frequently. The numbers of readers average about 100 a day, and I suspect they are not always the same readers. Most of my readers are in the USA and in the UAE. But I also have far flung readers in the Ukraine and even in South Korea. My most recent readership is India and Russia. I smile at the possibilty of those large markets!

Some readers, the most candid, suggest that a blog isn't enough. They will say: "it's a shame..." Or "you should go beyond the blog...". I do grow defensive because I believe the blog suits me well. I am not a journalist, nor am I a novelist,or  poet. I have addressed this issue before.

Publishing this blog one day would be like printing photos and putting them in an album. Some say that blogs shouldn't be in hardcopy format. That they should be read on the internet. People have lost the habit of documenting their family memories in hardcopy photos, in albums. "Who would buy a book-blog?"

Writing this blog has not been without challenge. Time is not the issue. All writers can find the time, as that is what they do. I work within that same framework. I push myself to write daily, as a writer pushes herself to sit in front of the computer screen to write 3 more pages to her novel. But readers unfortunately don't equate blogging with writing, although for both inspiration is required.

I have written 365 posts and I am not sure what is left for me to write. Reading, visiting, viewing, admiring, experiencing, mingling, listening, exchanging, exercising....living.

If I live and experience any novelty, any quaint feeling, I will be sure to write it and share it. I often remind myself of one thing:

"Go live your blog instead of writing it!"


  1. Mabrouk PTB!!!

    Very very happy to have been with you throughout the process. I do have to admit that I've rarely commented but I hope the almonds make up for it.

    See you in another 365.

  2. Mabruke Mabruke Mabruke 365 times over again. I am so proud of you. I remember your first few entires and how this journey all started. I am so gld you've hit your 365th entry. Even though you disagree, I am of the opinion that we should have a celebratory dinner. 365 good entries is a mammoth achievement. Keep it up habibte, we're all waiting for the Geneva summer blogs.

    Love you,


  3. Happy Birthday PTB! You are 1 years old in blog entries! You've achieved this major milestone Madame Blogger. Congratulations!

    PS: PTB is so cool! Sounds like PSB!

  4. A belated happy Milestone.You made it when all these ideas and thoughts cascaded through your blog and made us all think about life,its facets and joys.The art of writing is not an easy hobby that you adopt and the rest comes naturally .Either you have it or you don't.It is exactly like some people are born mathematicians,physicists or mechanics.You are born a creator of ideas,with fascinating optimistic vision.Keep it up,may you celebrate more to come.

  5. Once more I am late for the Congrats!!! Happy 365!! Better late than never. Dearest PTB, I, as your #1 fan who has been with you from day one, love to read your blogs, it keeps me so in touch with the tribe in the Middle East!! Don't stop, and if any one is living their blogs it's you. keep at it until you run out of energy, you will never run out of subjects. Love you and you epitomize what I wanted to do all my life, just write!!!!

    Love Kaleh