A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 30, 2011

A Film or a Gem?

Great to go the cinema without any idea about what the subject matter. I went to see the much anticipated Terrence Malick's Tree of Life.

It has the best two male actors Hollywood can offer: Brad Pitt and Sean Penn.  But also superb children's performance.

Darwin, religion....and dinosaurs?

There is drama and there is an absence of it. All the times are mixed in a medley, as are the photographic images of elements.
I could have counted one hundred different images. The editing and the sequencing is very harmonious. It is artistic and poetic. There is beautiful music and beautiful imagery.

It is an allegory of life. An attempt to understand the origins and the end. Space and earth. Our place in a larger narrative. It is philosophical.

Photography in all its sophistication. Replete with symbolism. An atypical film. A lot of acting and very little dialogue.

A life. A childhood. A perspective. Memories. Experiences. Emotions. Lessons learned. Lessons given. Life in its routines and its milestones. And music to accompany the images of joy and pain. Much prayer.

Brotherhood and parenthood.

The film is about life...and the belief in God.


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  1. Movie going is an addictive outing,that many prefer to do without. I had an uncle and his wife who loved going to the movies so much even in the 50's of Lebanon.He loved it so much that he almost went bankrupt investing in one.Those were the days of Il Postino in Lebanon,when we used to go to huge movie houses where you would see the cigarretes smoke through the projection lights.
    I have to confess that we are movie addicts,and I guess it runs in the family.The blogger tucks her children in after a long joyful day full of activities,and sneaks into La Scala,the tiny little arty movie house behind her residence.What is life without imagination?Movies is the reflection of fantasy.