A pink taxi

A pink taxi

June 10, 2011

Diet of A Fitness Freak

Warning: this post has been composed under the influence of a protein shake!

I have had the whey, the strawberry and the caramel flavored, the powder and the ready made. I have walked into nutrition shops and read labels in search of 20g of protein in a scoop of powder, purchased them in those huge 5 gallon bottles that require weight lifting for transport. I have mixed in bananas, frozen berries, over ripe mangoes, avocado and even espresso shots.

Sometimes my spouse or one of my brothers will treat me to the more luxurious store blended protein shake: my eldest brother even once snuck a double shot of protein that left me feeling heavy and consternated: "I shouldn't have protein after a bikram class!" was what I'd  remarked before he'd even revealed what he had added.

I am what I eat and I can't be fooled about the contents of my shake. In fact I recently find myself hesitating at Starbucks when I used to always order a capuccino in the past: what will I be doing after the coffee? Is it an exercise free day? Only pilates? Will I be weight training? Bikram? The drink has to be customized to the activity, otherwise I will regret having the milk in the caffeine while doing a dead lift.

But the opposite can also occur while working out. After I have religiously eaten my eggs and broccoli for breakfast, I will crave an energizer between pilates and circuit training. It used to be a no brainer: I would wolf a sugar loaded 90cal Special K. But those are things of the past, that no longer find their way into my shopping cart or mouth anymore.

I have therefore decided to reform my otherwise fanatic protein diet on those days  that I work out: a slice of brown toast and honey with my eggs, some dates or a banana between fitness sessions. The extra carbohydrate only before training will be allowed.

My new goal is to curb my sessions with this guy I met: his name is Lactic Acid.

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