A pink taxi

A pink taxi

April 7, 2012

Goals, Competitions and Exams

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Four golf competitions in ten days on four different courses. My eldest is preparing for them assiduously by practising every chance he gets. It is through this practice under pressure that he is improving his game. The T-times are fixed with precision and it is with those times and days in mind that he has made sure to practice prior. It is great to go to class, to learn, to play casually and regularly but it is the push come to shove of signing in to a competition, the desire to shine, the adrenaline of winning that will give the better results.

My 7 year old daughter is walking in her brother's "green" footsteps, as she is participating in the Easter par3 competition, casual, but competition non the less. She has steered her attention to golf for a week now and she requests to be taken to the range, even at night, by floodlight. She even treads on the par3 alone and independent to practice.

It was with that determination that she presented herself to the ballet exams at the Royal Board of Ballet, Grade 1. She attended class three times a week instead of her usual once to practice all her steps and no birthday party or outing incited her to cancel ballet practice. She had her priorities all set!

The same can be said of the Violin Royal Board of Music exams. What better incentive to make you practice violin, because "the exam is in a month!" Crunch time!

A challenge is an excellent motivating factor to learning and improving. An exam,a deadline, or a competition gives you a "raison de faire" (a reason to do). The feeling of achieving is attained when you move to the next level!


  1. Sticking with a sport, an activity, or a passion is a skill our mother has tried to give us. I still remember our mom telling us: "we do not quit in this family". I remember those days of not wanting to go to karate class, or hoping to skip horse back riding in favor of a playdate with a friend, but she would never allow that. In the end, we managed to stick with 5 or 6 activities and become quite decent at each of them.
    You have taken that essence and passed it on to your children. I am hoping to do the same with my boys.
    I do see the philosophy and skill of not quiting as an essential aspect of each of our characters. It is what enables us to keep on running in that half marathon, continue to strive to be the best at what we do, to build up that mentality of not settling for second best.
    I will continue to try to live as an example to my kids, and I hope i will instill in them what our mother has done so well with us.
    I admire each of your children for their strength of character and enthusiasm for their sports. My nephews and niece are amazing!

  2. Anonymous perfectly summed it up. It's all about rejecting instant gratification and the easy way out!