A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 27, 2012

What Worked for Me

.........Can work for you.

I use the old recipe for reading for my French educated kids, Daniel et Valerie which goes against the contemporary strain of global reading. I use the syllabic system which consists of reading words for what they sound, every syllable at a time versus the whole englobing shape recognition, which works for speed reading.

But Daniel et Valerie is more than that. It is a window onto old France, before frozen foods and TGV trains. It is rural France with its slow paced life and its farm life. Parents and children live on a farm with a dog called Bobi. They take a bus to the town and visit the fair, the restaurant or the post office. They don't have television or computers. They read books and play dominos. They row a boat and feed the horse. The American equivalent is my mother's reading book, Jack and Jill. What was good enough for her was good enough for me and she supplemented my French Daniel et Valerie which was the trend in 1975 when I was learning French with Jack and Jill which dated from 1950.

I am happy my three children have spent countless sessions with me reading a classic text book. It gave them a taste for retro. A "vintage" reading system I must say.


  1. Back in retro Dubai of the 70s, I would imagine how much fun it would have been to be Daniel from Daniel et Valerie! I love classics.

  2. The charm of the 1950s and 1960s never ceases to have an effect on me. It's my favorite era, the era of Mad Men, and glamour, and beautiful furniture....Everyone looked better then, spoke better, and were charming. Women's hair was always perfectly curled or in elegant updos. Men were elegant in suits. What happened to that old world elegance?

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