A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 1, 2012

Vignette: Hand me down, wear it down

"The warmest summer I ever spent was winter in Dubai". This explains our wardrobe: single seasoned, with a variety of layers to ward us against February's desert chill and September's full on air-conditioning. I rarely buy my children any winter coats, sweaters or corduroy pants.

When we travel to colder destinations my children wear the hand me down clothes of their eldest brother. He is the one who lived and schooled through Swiss winter wonderland for four years. I had gotten into good habit of buying next year's winter collection, one age size larger, on the end of season sales.

Thus, my daughter dressed as a tomboy for the most part. Her jeans appeared like boyfriend jeans and her sweaters were frequently khaki or grey coloured. She always added a feminine addition but her brother's essentials were in her closet, so why not wear them?

Imagine the younger, 6 years apart from the eldest, whose clothes he inherited. Believe it, children's clothing do change in fashion, becoming less baggy today than they were at the beginning of the millennium. Also, this boy's constitution is different and he wears the clothes even baggier. Sometimes, I will notice, to my mother's dismay, that the moths did get into a sweater or another. Also, the clothing had been worn so frequently that its wear has become apparent, especially for the high street,less expensive clothing that were worn more frequently. The boots and shoes have now given in. Three children have worn these clothes!

But my favourite worn down clothes are the pjs! The more washed, the more comfy. My kids done the Petit Bateaus of their siblings and perhaps dream their dreams!


  1. I always boast that I lived in a long summer-short spring periods for the past 40 years.As we speak we are entering a short 3 weeks spring in Dubai to be followed by a Looong 6 months summer.
    I don't miss cold winters,but I love spring and autumn especially in the Western world.I am so fortunate to enjoy my two -season gardens where I nurse my flowers and trees.

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  2. I was criticized to have diverged from the hand me down subject and felt the ruler hitting my hand from the French Bloggeuse.
    In my days we had no choice but to get the hand me down clothes,because the worn off clothes were used over and over again.The consumer society had not arrived where the kids despise taking hand me downs,and want only new fashions.

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