A pink taxi

A pink taxi

March 16, 2012

Love At First Tune

In French its called a Shot of Lightening or coup de foudre. The moment Cupid's arrow hits is always remembered. As I will always remember the moment I was informed that ColdPlay's first release from their album MyloXylato would be played on the radio: Every teardrop is a waterfall.

I remember the exact location and the timing of the first hearing. In fact, I have grown fond of arriving early to school before I pick up the children, because somewhere lost amongst the palm trees and the grass, in that quiet moment of my daily routine, I do remember the poetry of the song.

I remember being enveloped by the music, introduced to the new tune, taking it in, grasping the lyrics, the upbeat rythm, the splendour of it.....and loving it. Not like a random song I take a liking to. Instantly loving it. No need for adjustment. It didn't grow on me. It hit me, like the lightening mentioned by French.

Perhaps I was prepared to love it: the DJ announced she would play it and I have a passion for ColdPlay. But none of his other releases, while pleasing, had the same effect. This particular track bursts with music, like the graffiti on the cover. It sings of waterfalls but reminds you of sadness with the single symbolic tear.

Today, the same DJ played it, 10 months later since that love at first tune, at a similar time, as I drove towards the school gardens. I have since then heard the song innumerable times,on repeat, on shuffle and even live! I have quoted "comas instead of full stops", "caught between two trapeze" and my favourite "cathedrals in my heart". I have pondered their meaning, ran on the treadmill, walked on the beach, driven to it, shopped at Carrefour on it. The music still has a very strong effect on me.

The song celebrates music, it begins with "I put the music up to my.....favourite song!" And always I remember the first time I fell in love with it.


  1. Steve Jobs invented the iPod in order to collect Bob Dylan's music.Jobs loved Dylan's music.He was awed by him since he was a young hippie in the 70's until the time he met him when the iPod was introduced.Any similarity with our dearest enthusiastic Bloggeuse ?

  2. I still remember the place, day, and time I heard Enjoy the Silence for the first time! and the first chord was love at first tune!

  3. I always think of music as a soundtrack to life....it plays in the background or takes over in the foreground depending on its signficance. I like to think of how playing certains songs at certain times, make the music so appropriate for a situation....as if our lives were part of a continuing movie....Music plays such an important role in our lives. It is motivation when exercising, solace when feeling sad, joy when blasted loud at a party and dancing your heart away, and it conveys so many memories....the right songs do....so that I can't imagine hearing certain songs without remembering its associations.