A pink taxi

A pink taxi

May 19, 2012

Quality Time

I love Mondays because the door bell rings expectedly and I will squat as I open the door to meet my nephew at eye level. His smile translates his enthusiasm to study. I call it study, even though his parents try to enhance the activity with the word: play. In fact, its more than play or study, its quality time with my nephew.

I love Fridays because I sometimes drive to a trapeze shaped highrise, descend into the underground parking where a little boy with a large smile awaits me: "Yaya!" calls out my 2 year old nephew when he sees my pinktaxi. He has a small backpack and he sits in the car seat deigned for "the youngest kid in the car" and kicks his feet to Calvin Harris.

I love Saturday mornings because I always take a nephew with me to visit three damzelles, three 3 year old sisters: yes, triplets! I become a kindergarten instructor, with paints,stickers and magic markers and a new language to introduce: I am teaching French to 3 French girls. Their parents, my cousins, make me the best espresso in town!

Making quality time a routine is a joy maker. The certainty of mingling with these young close relatives is comforting and rewarding. Some may say that tutoring may not be fun because it is academic but I derive a load of pleasure from it because it is my chance to teach and learn. When I sit with these kids, I build a bond that I hope will last as long as my own bond with my cousins and aunts and uncles has.

I treasure these moments, they become hallmark thoughts. With my New York nephews, the only two individuals that bestow upon me the title of Khaleh, maternal aunt, I condense time with them every six months. Indeed, I even tutor them during the summer! During these isolated moments of time, I set everything aside, empty my program to be with them, to watch them grow, to inquire about their developments.

I relish any tete a tete: with a sibling, with a friend, with an uncle, with one of my three children. I find 25 hours in an hour to squeeze some extra time and push myself into an eleventh hour so I can enjoy even more quality time. What is time? Precious yet so generous because if used properly, guarantees satisfaction.


  1. Nothing more assuring than positive vibes that come from innocent appreciation from little children.This carries adults through difficult trying moments.

  2. Your nephew looks forward to his Saturday mornings with Yaya!

  3. You have the patience of a saint cuz! You are so much fun and your pupils look forward to your visits (even though they might resist - they are just playing hard to get!) We love you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to get three little girls to sit down at a table and color with you. And we make the Espresso to make sure that you have enough fuel to keep you going!