A pink taxi

A pink taxi

November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Pinktaxiblogger!!

Dear Pinktaxiblogger,

In honor of your 40th birthday, many of your family and dearest friends wanted to share their best wishes and love on your special day. As your only sister, I have been anticipating this day with childish but teary-eyed glee, as I am so happy to know that you are turning in a new decade in such happiness, yet I am so sad I can't be with you to celebrate. Randomly, songs like "Viva La Vida" or "Papa Don't Preach" turn on the radio, and my heart squeezes because I miss you so much. I am reminded of how I felt when you first left home, at age 14 to go to boarding school, and left behind a 10 year old brother, a 6 year old sister and a 3 year old brother who missed you so much. I used to sit in the back of the car and literally cry because  your place was so empty. And the truth is you'd given so much of yourself to each of us, whether reading us bedtime stories, pushing us in the stroller, playing dolls with me, or entertaining us when eating. You are a very special person in each of your hearts, and none of us would be who we are if it weren't for you.

I hope you have so much fun celebrating this important birthday. As you once told our father: "Life Begins at 40". I don't know if that truly applies to you, because you are not in the midst of a midlife crisis. You are at your fittest, your most social, your most fulfilled, with three beautiful children, a loving husband, and too many degrees to mention in your back pocket, and too much art to fit on your walls. MASHALLAH! Life has begun long ago for you. May the next 40 years be a lovely continuation of an already fruitful and successful life, all in the best of health Inshallah, and always surrounded by those you love most.

Please listen to each and every song, (they were chosen meticulously--yes go on the IPad or a real computer), and have a very very happy birthday! I love you more than the world!


Your sister, Amira

Here are the messages from everyone:

Dear Pink Taxi,

 Not only did I share in giving you your flower name 40 years ago, but I also suggested to you, the blogger title Pink Taxi, almost a year ago. I still treasure the key chain that you gave me, with "Life Begins at 40", but I also cherish the other key chain that reads "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" ! Of course that was 25 years ago, your heart now belongs to your cool and loving husband,and I call you now Siss!

We are soul mates, your presence in Dubai with your husband and three lovely children fills my life with pleasure and content.

A very happy 40th my love, may God fulfill your dreams,and give you a long, happy, prosperous and healthy life ahead!



From K:

She doesn't make comment about the fact that i have more closet space than she does and the fact she always buy me more shoes..( reference the tao of pooh)..she is the best friend anyone can ever hope to have....always in the same wave length, curious about everything...it is a fact that she has never initiated any fight ever...the honor goes always to me... she says the kids have my enthusiasm , but surely without her we would be always lost!

She is gift to all of our lives! Every single day!

AT, AS, MW and K are luckiest people on the planet. Thanks...


To my partner in crime, I wish you the best birthday ever! We've been through so much together it would take pages and pages to list all the memories we've shared. You are the best and coolest big sister anyone could ask for. I love you.



Best wishes to my totally cool and awesome sister in law. So lucky I married your bro. And you are his sister. :) thanx for being the best. Wishing you  a great birthday!

 lots of love

Life begins at 40... An expression coined by someone who understood that the first forty years is just a taste, an amuse-bouche, of what life really has to offer... Tabula rasa, or blank slate, is a perfect way of approaching your next forty years... you are the most ambitious person I know, you succeed at anything you put your mind to, so keep discovering new hobbies, new skills, new interests... Don't ever stop... I love you so much, wishing you all the health and happiness in the world, you SOOO deserve it!! Happy birthday Pinktaxi!!

Love you always, Talal


Happy birthday ! May your  40th year bring you even more PINK adventures and blissful moments all in good health.

In the meantime, enjoy life under the water!

Love and light always,

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays on your 40th! Not only have you always been a wonderful sister to us, you have been a tremendous supportor and advocate from before I met Amira. You are a true Khaleh to our boys and when we see them with you (although not as frequent as we would like because of distance) we are filled with much happiness. We hope that you have an amazing 40 years to come inshallah filled with the love and interesting times.

-Love Dean


Having you as a neighbor these past years has been a blessing. You have been a great friend and sister. I wish you the happiest birthday ever and years ahead filled with health and happiness for all your loved ones.

With all my appreciation, love and gratitude,


Dearest Pinktaxi,

I hope you have time to read your own blog while busy driving around in your Pinktaxi! Happy Birthday! All the memories of your childhood are coming back to me like a flood, how time flies! You were the cutest, little blond curly haired girl when you visited us in Tehran. Do you remember the summer we spent in Chaloos, Caspian Sea, when you broke your arm and we couldn't find someone to set it! The long road trip we took with your parents along the northern most border of Iran, stopping in Gombad- e Qabus to take a picture in front of the Tower. You riding your horse in Dubai at Sheik Mohammad's stables.

The two years I spent in Dubai, being fortunate enough to have spent some time when you kids were growing up, especially when you parents went to India and I stayed with you. There are so many memories, can't put them all down at once. Now you are a lovely, grown woman with your own family, but still the sweet, logical girl who had a head on her shoulders and knew from the beginning what she wanted out of life. I admire your love of life and all it offers you and most of all your appreciation of the simple things which you pass on to your family and to us.

I love your blog, as your Dad said, we have all become adicted to it! Love you always and Happy Birthday!

Khaleh Linda

Wow, the big 4-0 has arrived. Now what, mid-life crisis or does that now happen when you are 50? Regardless, I truly believe that age is just a number and you are as old as you feel. Having read your blogs in the past couple of months, it looks like you are feeling better than ever, looking better than ever, busier than ever and thus the question is how old do you feel?

Behnam, Reza, Keon, Nina and I would like to wish you the happiest birthday ever. May you have a wonderful year ahead of you and may you continue to entertain us and keep us informed with your blogs that we truly love reading.

Lots of love, kisses and birthday wishes,
Behnam, Vida, Reza, Keon, and Nina

Happy bday Pinktaxi. Looking forward to bikram with you. Best wishes to you on your 20th.

Happy 40th Pinktaxi! This is going to make you cringe.... But going to say it anyway!! "love you lots" xx Homaira


Dear Pinktaxi,

Remembering all the good things that has happened in your life till now is what "Forty" is all about. So enjoy! Amou Bahram and I wish you the best for the great day and years to come. Love, K. Claudia

Happy Birthday from your eldest cousin. You know I wish for your health and happiness always that goes without saying, but also I know as a mom it is easy to get wrapped up in your families doings but never forget how lucky we are to have those doings. We are truly blessed count every minute you have as a blessing and never take them for granted!! I love you.



The next video clip is from your two nephews in NY who love you so much and wish they could kiss you on your birthday! It is jointly their favorite song, and they dance to it with all the joy in the world. We love you Khaleh Pinktaxi or is it Khaleh Gaga(?) and send you so much love and juicy kisses!!!



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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday my darling Yass! Where would I be without you to tease and argue with about the most mundane subjects so energetically? We can't wait to celebrate your birthday in true style. Have a fabulous day, enjoy it and let me know what it feels like to be 40....I'll be there in another 10 years!

    love you,

    Ninigi, Afchine and the Tabrizian Triplets